The Bamboo Forest

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Nutang & Another Halloween

I've made another halloween post on my new nutang blog, yup, Nutang. I was successfully lured into the soon to be overflowing with SnS members, Nutang. Anyways, when I update from now on, it'll probably be over there, but I'll try to remember to update both blogs.

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Happy Halloween

Since I probably won't update on Halloween, I'll do it now, changing the date by two days, hahaha XD. Considering I'm anti-halloween and it's against my religion this is quite hypocritical, but oh well ^^?

Happy Halloween, you pumkins!

Trick or Treating & Halloween Rules
- Don't go into strangers' cars just because they offer you candy!

- Travel in groups!

- If your still a middle schooler or younger, travel with a parent/trust worthy adult

- Safetly first! Unless you know you can fight and win, hand over the candy if someone attacks you XD

- If a ghost attacks you, either fight back or run.

- If casper appear in front of you, laugh at him! XD

- If you see a different friendly ghost, get it to play harmless pranks with you. =)

- Wear a costume (<- of course! Perferably a panda suit X3!) - Don't go into an unknown or creepy looking house, just 'cause no one answered the door or said the candy is inside! - Don't continuously ring the door bell or knock on the door if someone doesn't answer . - Don't get spirited away!

- Don't egg/toilet paper random houses (if your going to do it, do it to people you know and hate XD?!)

- If you see another person/kid getting picked on or attacked, please assist the them by helping them yourself or calling for help.

- Don't hide and bushes and shoot water guns at kids, unless it's at the neighborhood brat or you know the kids a real pain in the arse. =p

- If someone insults you, your costume and doesn't give you candy, hit and run! XD

- If someone compliments you, say Thank you.

- If a house leaves the candy outside, don't horde it, think of the other trick or treaters =p

- Make sure you stop by your friends or teachers houses' they will give you candy, if not you can make them =3!

- If your underage, don't stay out too late.

- Don't pick up candy off the floor!

- Have your parents check or if your old enough to know, check the c
andy yourself before you eat it!

- If something looks or smells weird, don't eat it. =p

- I'm sure you all know the rest of the rules XD and I'm too lazy to type anymore of them.

I can only pray that none of you get kidnapped, poison candy, spirited away or eaten =p

Well then, please stay safe ^^.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Panda Adventure #3653: Teal & The Wooden Microwave

Unfortunately I forgot to log at the beginning so you'll only be able to read about this adventure from when after Teal was rescued, but I'll summarize the beginning to middle here:

Pandonia Archives: Panda Adventure #3653 - Teal & The Wooden Microwave

Grandmother was discussing about when Teal was going to leave her microwave. Then Teal asked if Grandmother would really throw it out in the cold, she said no. I then offered it a place in my wood microwave, it refused. So I kidnapped it and locked it in my wood microwave. It then went around the microwave eating the bamboo cookies inside. Unable to get out it called for it's sister's help, who is also my grandmother. Grandmother ventured into the Bamboo Forest for the first time and accidently mistook, my neighbor, Mr. Moogle's home for my own and shot at him and immediately apologized afterwards. She found my house and I took the wood microwave and ran. Down through potato valley, where I accidently dropped Teal and had to pick the wood microwave back up, through Sacred-Tear and rested in PassionCrane for a bit. Then when we got to fresh water lake, Kitty caught up with us. She threw her gun which was out of bullets at me when I dived into the lake. Which caused me to drop the wood microwave with Teal inside into the lake. She then retrieved the wooden box and....

The rest is available below =):

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Conclusions & Shameless Advertising

The Anti-Panda Conspiracy, the cold war between Fangli and myself, and me being hunted by grandmother have all come to a close. =3

Anyways, switching to more important news if you have time, hop over to my odakoyan shop. I make takoyaki, oden, taiyaki, odango, confectionaries and much much more, it's located on Animanganetwork's tagboard X3 so place your orders!

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

PandaLord's First Day of School

This panda prepares for it's first day of school and will present to you a short poem.


"Panda, Oh Panda"

Panda, oh panda.
How black and white you are,
so fluffy and furry and animal like.
The red ones eat meat, the other bamboo.
Panda, oh panda, that which completely pwns shamoo.

How are you today?

Today is the day, the start of a new year.
My, oh my on the edge of tears.
Ailuropodidae, we be,
isn't it easy to see?
Put on a hat,
remember a tasty bamboo snack

now strap on your pack,
and off to school we go.

This panda bids you farewell. =3

Sunday, August 27, 2006

The Forces

With a few changes within
loyalties we have an updated list of the alliance forces and the hostile forces.

The Alliance Forces


The Hostile Forces

Glory to Pandas!

Friday, August 25, 2006

Anti-Panda Conspiracy Revealed

An anti-panda conspiracy has been discovered! After Katrina's accidental slip out, the other conspirators are slowly revealing themselves!
My fellow panda loyalists, will we let this continue? No!!! We will interfere with their plans and obliterate their society! Punishment to those who have committed treason!

List of Revealed Conspirators
Fangli (Panda Pal/PCC VP)
Kitty (Grandmother)
Airi (Sibling/Boss/PCC Member)

Suspected Conspirators
Kuri (Wife/PCC Treasurer)

To think that some of these corrupted souls are a part of the PCC, high standing council members no less! And betrayal from family!
What has become of this world?

Glory to Pandas!